At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

"Always try to smile, because your smile can give other people a reason to smile too."

Haven’t you heard that smiles are contagious?  But not everyone likes to smile, especially those with insecurities.

I love smiling and and better yet when people smile back. But I was always insecure about it before I had my invisalign. I had two big gaps on the side of my upper teeth and I felt that everyone could see them from upfar.

When I was finally able to get my invisalign, I was thrilled. I thought I would finally be able to release that insecurity, but I was wrong. I love seeing those Hollywood smiles and felt like I was still far from achieving my goals. I wanted that “White” smile.

I tried going back to my dentist and paid over $300 for a clinic whitening treatment. There was a lot of money spent,but didn’t see much of a difference.

I remember trying Crest strips several years before my invisalign, but never really was consistent with it and felt like it didn't make a difference for me. So, I was very excited when Smile Brilliant contacted me and allowed me to try out their teeth-whitening system!

I love Smile Brilliant since I'm glad that I can easily incorporate their system into my busy life! Whether I do a quick 45 minute session, or 3 hours, it's really up to me.

With the custom whitening trays, you can pretty much do anything you want during your whitening process (except eat or drink.) I typically spent my whitening sessions grading papers, working out at home, getting ready to go out or at night while reading a book before I went to bed.

The Process:

Your 1st box (getting your custom trays): You mix up the Base Paste with the Catalyst Paste until the colors are fully blended and then you evenly press the tray onto your teeth and wait a couple minutes. Remove the mold from your mouth carefully. Once your done with both molds, you pop them in the bubble mailer and send them off to their lab. After a week or so you’ll get your custom whitening trays in the mail.

These trays are AWESOME, because they will be a perfect fit. The custom Smile Brilliant trays go a little further back in your mouth than standard white strips do, so more teeth will be covered with the whitening gel.

Your 2nd box : You are now ready for whitening! Your box will have a couple of syringes some will be your whitening gel and the others will be your desensitizing treatment that you use after whitening. You will be able to use the syringes about 3–4 full applications per syringe. You apply a thin line of the gel across the front of the trays and then carefully push them against your teeth. You can use a q-tip to go around the top of the trays on your gums to wipe away any gel that has smushed out over top.This extra gel can sit on your gums and cause irritation.

My only issue with this whitening system was the amount of time it takes. You have to leave the tray in for 45 minutes to 3 hours and you really want to keep them on for as long as possible. After whitening, you do another 10-15 minutes with the desensitizing gel, and then avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes. That is a LONG time to not eat or drink anything which was a real struggle for me.

But other than this, I would definitely recommend Smile Brilliant if you are looking to brighten up your smile.


Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo

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