it takes more

I've always heard people say "if you only work hard you will see it will pay off".

I don't know if I actually believe that...

when I was a child I used to spend most of my afternoons outside, usually right before sunset or at least before mom would call out for me. When I wasn't playing football (soccer) I was catching, or at least trying to catch birds, squirrels, and butterflies.

The most interesting thing that I learned from the butterflies has made me understand the big lie of "working hard and you will succeed" or "reach for the sky", "go after your dreams" etc. 

The more you try to catch the butterfly the more it flies away, but if you stay still it will come close to you. It might even let you hold it.

I've seen people who have worked hard all of their lives and are still working hoping one day all their hard work may pay off and their kids won't have to work like they did.

Don't get me wrong, hard work is one way to succeed and you should always dream and fight for what you want but usually there's another element that goes with all that like: luck, connections, fate, a miracle... 

I think the problem with people not succeeding is not because they lack creativity or because they are not intellectual, or because they don't work hard. No, the problem is US. WE don't care for each other. When one person advances, we criticizes them. When they fail, we step on them. And when they need the help or that push, we close our hand instead of giving it to them. Because the reality is we are selfish and proud and we only think about our desires, our goals, our company, our bank accounts, our social status. The only question we ask before "helping" is, what will I gain from this? 

#changebeginswithme #giveahelpinghand