#12Strong...the definition of bravery

12 Strong is an incredible story about twelve men who were brave and stepped up when we, Americans, were hurting and felt paralyzed. They took action, leaving their families behind but fighting for that great love they have for them and this country.

Thank you to every men and women fighting for our freedom. Brave men and women who fought, who are fighting or will fight in the future, THANK YOU...


The films I enjoy watching and that are most impactful, I believe, are those that are based on a true story. They have an extra drop of inspiration when I know that those events REALLY happened. 12 Strong is a story of those twelve men who are the definition of bravery. And like every film I watch, I try to find something that speaks to me (not only entertains me) but also inspires me.   

There were many scenes where I laughed, cried, and at times got angry. Although there are many things I wish I could share to you I would like to share one moment that spoke to my heart. 

Like I mentioned earlier, the best films, (in my opinion) are those films that leave you speechless when you exit the theater room. When you come out and you don’t know where to start or what to say. Not because it was a terrible film, but because there is so much to process. 12 Strong is that kind of film.

There was one specific quote that kept coming to my mind all weekend long:

“You will be cowards if you leave, and you will be enemies if you stay”

Looking back to that day, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I felt numb. Paralyzed. And because of that fear that kept me paralyzed I told myself I would never let anything or anyone make feel that way ever again. War sounded like a great idea. It meant we were fighting back and defending ourselves. It meant we were not going to be cowards and stay down when we were hurting. It meant that even when we fall we would get up stronger.

Fast forward a few years and people question if war was the right choice.

I do not want to talk politics. What I do want to talk about is that sometimes doing the right thing might be the opposite of what people think and no matter what you do, someone will always be upset.

Lately I’ve been bumping with this idea either in my daily readings, or something I am watching or listening to, something along the line of this movie quote. I heard a sermon recently about having standards not according to our culture, or the world, or with what people think but the standards that God has. You see, many times we desire God’s strength but we do not want to have His high standards. We want the blessings but we do not want to live a life that is apart from everyone else’s standards because it's not cool or we might be ridiculed. 

True, we might be mocked or we might hear “you think you are better than us” and no matter what we do we will be judged. So, I’ve come to a conclusion and to a decision: Fix your eyes on what is true.

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. – Hebrews 12:2a

Living by God’s standards will never be the new thing everyone is doing or the cool thing to do. In fact it has never been. Christians have always been ridiculed or laughed at when living according God’s standards and when you don’t you are criticized and called a hypocrite.

I mean we are called to love not just those who are your friends but also your enemy. Not just love but also forgive, to not return evil for evil, or insult with another insult (1 Peter 3:9). In a world where hate is fought with hate, (an unending cycle), we as Christians, have to BE the difference and live out what Jesus did in moments when He was mistreated, got questioned and when everyone else thought they were right and He was wrong.

I encourage you to live by God’s standards and not by what everyone else things its right. “Stand firm in the Lord” (Philippians 4:1).