"Someday My Prince Will Come"

There's a button on my bag that says "Someday My Prince Will Come". I don't remember who gave it to me or since when I've had it, but it has been be a while. I just recently noticed the small writing:

"Jesus said, He will come again and receive us unto Himself"

It's a short summary to what John 14:3 says. When I read it I was filled with joy! I couldn't stop smiling. Tears started to roll down like a waterfall. There are no words to explain the feeling I felt in that moment. In that moment it hit me. Realizing that my Prince will come for me someday uplifted my spirits.

Almost every child grows up watching princess stories and when we become adults, we keep believing or at least we continue to like fairytale endings. (Where do you think Romantic Comedy movies get inspired by?) Stories are told through time and people have their favorite. Mine would be The Princess Diaries. I think we are forgetting about the most important, beautiful and the only happily ever after story - Jesus and us.

I don't know about the other generations but I feel like we've stopped waiting. Others have forgotten and even give up and completely stopped believing!

The disciples had just seen Jesus be raised to heaven and they waited and prayed for HIs coming. Who wouldn't after knowing what it's like to walk with Jesus and to know what is waiting for us in Heaven!?

Have we fallen in love with the things and the life we have in this world? Or even a future and dreams we long for, far more than the life and future in Paradise?

Confession Time: I've been so focused on this life and trying to accomplish things. I even made a "Apocalyst" or a before I die list, aka bucket list (No Tomorrow TV SHOW). I noticed the list was all about me, what I wanted to do for myself. I think I should revise the list and make it less selfish. The point is, I've put in focus my dreams, goals, even my problems and needs than my relationship with Jesus. And because of that everything else crumbles down. 

On top of that, the biggest mistake was that I stopped looking forward to that beautiful day when Jesus will show up in the clouds. 

I choose to wait.

Picture by: Stocksnap.oi