You know that kid who always questions everything and always asks why? I was that kid. Not the kind of kid who likes to see how long it takes for mom or dad to cave in (like that would ever happen in my household) or find a way to distract the teacher from teaching. No, I was the kid who really wondered why things are a certain way or came to be. I was not trying to be a brat or know it all, I really did wonder WHY? 

There are some things that really don't make sense to me. I admit it. There are things that I do not understand. I guess that is part of life. You learn as you grow up and you will never stop learning. So, just for the fun of it and because my summer is almost over, I am going to list all those things that have never made sense to me since I was four. 

I don't understand:

1. Why was American Football named football? I mean seriously! All around the world we know football is...football. It makes sense right? In "soccer" we only our feet. But in American Football, they only use their feet like in two different scenarios! 

2. I still don't understand why people call me "gringa" when I would visit my family in Mexico. I mean, look at me, I'm clearly Mexican!. Then I come back home, to America, where I was born, and sometimes people question me (especially in college): "so, where are you from?" Me: From Dallas. Them: But your parents? Me: Mexico. Them: So you are Mexican? Me: Mexican American

Then again I don't have my Mexican citizenship so I can't just go and live there or I'll be kicked out, you know, get deported from Mexico. So I guess it's a good thing I am just passing by this beautiful world. Thank you Jesus for making me a home in heaven as I type this! 

3. I don't understand how some people use forks to eat chicken or pizza. I mean, just use your hands! And don't dare to use a fork to eat a taco.

4. Why do people who are all about being different and accepting everything that is different can't accept that I belief different from them? Is my faith an exception? Can we just agree to disagree and live in peace? Can I just get an Amen!?

5. How can a tomato be a fruit? 

6. We frown on bullying so why do adults do it all the time? I've seen it and its simply sad. Lets grow up! And be an example to the younger generation.

And to finish this post I will share the question I made ALL through school and finally got an answer to:

7. Why do I need to learn all this? I thought I would never need History, English, Math and especially Science. I was wrong. What you learn in school is not just to get you through school and into the career you want. What you learn at school will open up your mind to understanding the people, the places and things (aka nouns) that exist in this world. Its about broadening your horizons. 

This new school year try to see things through someone else's eyes. Try to listen and to notice your surroundings. And don't forget to ask questions. That is truly the only way you will learn.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Enjoy of what's left of your summer. (Oh and sorry if you thought this was a rant post. I guess that's what happens when you watch Last Man Standing.) I love that show!! (It's on Netflix ya'll!)  

Photo by: stocksnap.io