Big Shoes to Fill

Everyday is HER special day. Why shouldn't it be? She doesn't take vacations or any "me" time. She works 24/7 and 365 days out of the year. She's EXTRAORDINARY. Although we celebrate it once a year, I think its important to value and honor our MOTHER'S EVERYDAY. 

We've been sharing stories of ordinary people who have incredible stories. Not because they do cool stuff like travel the world, or jump from an airplane but because they live a life that impact others. Because this week we celebrate our mothers I want to share why my mom is an EXTRAORDINARY Mother.

I realize as I sit here trying to type that I can't talk (write) about my mom without talking (writing) about my dad, because "behind a great man stands a great woman", and vice versa. (You can read more about their story in "A Love Story Like No Other" blogpost). They make a great team. Since Father's Day is next month and they are both EXTRAORDINARY, this post is dedicated to both.

I have never met another person who has more love than my parents. As parents, they always gave us what they could and always provided for our family. They taught us values, morals, and hard work. They taught us to appreciate what we have and value what we accomplish through hard work. They taught us to cherish family and respect others. They taught us to serve others and expect nothing in return. To love your family and even our enemies. To give food to the homeless and a place to stay to the foreigner. To give from the best we have and not our leftovers. To pray to God when things are good and to praise Him when the sun is not shining. They taught us this and much more. The most important thing that I admire of them is that they taught with not just words but with actions. I have a pair of footprints to follow and I am glad is them. 

As I sit here typing all that I've learned from them and everything I appreciate them for, I realized that they had a better role model and they will certainly give Him credit for all of it: JESUS. That's the kind of parents they are. Even as I talk about them they remind me to "give credit to WHOM credit is due". 

Simply, they are EXTRAORDINARY people. As parents they are the best! I am who I am because of them and each day that passes by I hope I can make them proud and follow their footsteps. Maybe one day my kids will say the same thing. (Someday. Maybe.) But as human beings, as neighbors, as pastors, friends, family members, as workers, they always go an extra mile without expecting anything in return. 

They sure are making it hard to fill in their shoes! 

And to all the SONS and DAUGHTERS, I want to share some advice my parents always share to the  younger generation:

No matter who your parents are, the mistakes they've made, are making or will make, they are your parents. You only get a pair of them. Honor them, respect them. Its the only commandment from God with a promise (Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 6:2). Pray for them. If they are great parents? Give thanks to God and make them proud! If they don't set a good example for you then you do it for them. Learn from their mistakes and don't repeat your story with your kids. But always love them and honor them. It will be rewarded. And last but not least, try to remember them the other 364 days out of the year!