You Don't Go Unnoticed

There are some pretty amazing people in our life and thinking about those people made me want to share the impact they've had in my life and the people around them. Last post I talked about an ordinary man who had an extraordinary faith, (I Look Up). This weeks post, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I am dedicating it to those ordinary people who live an extraordinary life: our TEACHERS.

They might spend their weekends grading papers or their summers working a double job instead of jumping out a plane, or sitting by the beach, living an ordinary life, but what they do is nothing but EXTRAORDINARY. Its crazy to think that teachers are the second person who we spent more time with, besides our family. Eight hours, five days a week, to be (almost) exact. 

Their job is to teach us Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, English etc., you know, the subjects that we go to school to learn. But my teachers have gone the extra mile, they've taught me life lessons, how to share with others, respect, values, morals, and to love life. I was lucky, because not only was I learning all this at home but at school I had teachers who would remind me. Like I said, I was lucky, because I had classmates who only heard it once and that was through the teacher.

The world might not know their names, but I do. I remember each and every one of them. They made me become a book lover, a better writer, knowledgeable, educated, and overall a better person. I remember Mr Medina, my 5th grade teacher,  who taught me to never forget the values and morals my parents have bestowed on me, even when it seemed like everyone around me was changing. He told us to stay grounded and dream big even when everyone in middle school would feel the need to change who they are just to find who they are. He also took time to play soccer with us during recess and although he was about sixty-something years old he would beat us in racing and any other sport! Every day he had a story along with a life lesson to share, which made him pretty cool!  

Then in middle school, I was blessed with not just one but many amazing teachers! I had Ms. Epps who made math fun and had a great sense of humor. Ms. Cardenas is the reason why I began to love history. Coach Duncan made science easy to understand. Mrs. Farish made math challenging which made it exciting. Mrs. Thompson made reading become my passion and hobby. And every 8th grade teacher made middle school unforgettable and the best school years of all! 

High school came along and it could have been a nightmare, but if it weren't for Coach Smith and Coach Jack who always brighten my day I would have remembered high school a little different. Ms. Gillilan made me a better writer and Mrs. Albuquerque helped me graduate. If it weren't for her way of teaching and making science make sense and easy to learn, I wouldn't have not passed that test and wouldn't have graduated. 

The thought of going to college scared me but my professors made college feel like home. Every single one of them cared about their students, but Mrs. Allen became my mentor during those years and till now she continues to encourage and pray for me. If it weren't for her I might have never thought their was the possibility to attend film school! I am the first in my family to have a masters degree and I owe it in part to her. 

Teachers go the extra mile. They believe in the potential that a student can have even when they do not see it. They give themselves to their job. I saw it when I was a student. And I see it now that my sister is a teacher. They care for the students and spend time, money, energy, and strength, (to say the least) on making the school year fun and a great learning experience. 

So, to all the TEACHERS our there, I want you to know that your work and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. You've left an imprint in our life and our success is your success. We can't repay you and the words will never be enough to express the gratitude and share the great things you have done, but I THANK YOU for all that you have done! We love you!