In Need of a Break...Through

In need of a break!

Spring break is right around the corner and I couldn’t agree more with the phrase above. I keep telling myself that once I get a break I’ll be able to relax and recharge. Once I get that extra hour of sleep or a few, then I will have the energy to exercise, and maybe I’ll start going to sleep early and getting up at an earlier time, and maybe just maybe my brain won’t be filled with so many thoughts and I’ll be able to finally find inspiration and creativity and sit in front of my laptop and finish that book I started a while ago.

Maybe, just maybe, a break is what I need.

But lets be honest, after the “break”, we come home even more tired! Having fun is exhausting! So taking that great vacation to the beach and doing a lot of cool stuff wasn’t a great idea after all. Or maybe you choose to stay home and do nothing. But the truth is, someone has to clean and cook and run errands, I mean, might as well since you are at home and it has to be done.

So maybe, the answer to finally getting yourself to the gym, or starting that small business is getting not a break but a breakthrough.

For the last couple of days I’ve been constantly reminded about the importance to act now. It all sounds great but the problem with that is that I'm a planner. I have to make plans and know what is ahead and prepare my mind, body and spirit for whatever is coming. To add more complications, I am an emotional person. I act according to my current feelings. And to finish it off, I am the queen of excuses, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that I always push things back and say, “I’ll get to that later, once I get a break.”

The truth is that there will always be something in the way from keeping you and me from doing whatever it is we have set goals for. So maybe what we should be looking for is not a break but that breakthrough. Whatever it is that will help us remove whatever barrier & excuse to our progress.

The hardest thing is to find what that thing that has become the barrier between you and success. For me, to be honest, it’s me. I am my biggest enemy. It is not what people think or say about me, but what I think of myself.

As I struggle to write, whether it be a book, or a script, even this blog, I keep doubting myself saying I am not good with words. Yet, I have to fight through because like Andy Mineo said, “My biggest enemy is me, and even I can’t stop me.”

Maybe you do need the break, I’m not saying don’t take that vacation you been planning and looking forward to. Enjoy it!...All I am saying is to dig deeper. Sometimes we try to put a bandage to a wound before treating it. Perhaps taking that long break will only help you escape reality for a few days but will it change things? Will it change your sleeping patterns? Eating habits? Procrastination pattern? Or make your fears and doubts go away?

Find a long lasting solution to your situation. Once that break is gone you will find yourself looking forward and longing for the next break, unless you decided to make changes to your life. Change those habits. Change the way you think about yourself and others. Change the way you see life. You will find yourself enjoying spending time with yourself, taking care of you, and sooner or later you will do the same for others. At the end, you will look forward to that vacation not to escape reality but just to enjoy life even more.

I can give you a few tips but only you can choose to breakthrough. And that is what will make the difference.   

Blessings. Good night mundo (world)!