Valentines is only 2 days away! It doesn't matter if you don't have a boyfriend, fiancé or husband, you should definitely celebrate this day. 

Remember, Valentines is the celebration of "El Amor y la Amistad" (Love and Friendship). 

I know everything seems to be focused more towards those who have that special someone. Valentines is advertised everywhere: TV, Stores' and even Instagram! This usually makes a lot of people depressed, since they are alone. 

You don't have to let this bring you down. Let me tell you a secret; I have never had a date for Valentines Day. I actually have never dated anyone, but that is a different blog post. 

Valentines day has never been a day that I don't want to celebrate. I know it's hard when you do not have that special someone to celebrate with. But you don't need to be in a relationship for that to happen. Go celebrate with your love ones; friends, cousins, parents, youth group (or any ministry you're in). Go ahead and celebrate with some singles from your church group. Our youth group and young adults would go out and eat and go to the movies to celebrate Valentines. Plus, we would go to youth fellowships and celebrate with them. We are not going this year since we are not that many and it will look like we are in a triple date lol. 

I remember in middle school, my friends and I would send flowers to each other and just left the senders name blank lol. Back in college, the front desk of our dorms would be full of flowers, balloons and bears, because some girls' dads' would send gifts. I always thought that was super sweet of them.

No matter where you find yourself this Valentines, (single, engaged or married), I want you to know this: God is love. In other words, HE equals love. As humans we can't love. We are selfish creatures in need of a Savior. God sent His only Son and showed us how much He loves us. He only extended His arms to show us. He died in that cross for you and me. The most wonderful thing is that He was raised from the dead and He is alive!

This week and everyday after, remember this: Jesus loves you! He sees you and He loved you first. He will continue to love you.   


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