Christmas at a Turquoise Paradise

It had been five years since we last spent Christmas with our family in Mexico. I am super thankful that God permitted us to go this year. Christmas is never the same if is not spent with family and friends. It does't matter what your doing or if there are any gifts as long as you are with your loved ones.

My family and I spend almost the entire Christmas Vacation with my mom's side of the family, which has more that 30 members with grandkids and great-grandkids. They live at El Meco, San Luis Potosi, Mexico surrounded with mountains, sugar canes and this beautiful rivers and waterfalls. It is usually always really cold in the winter. That is why we packed winter clothes, except that last dress pictured here. The weather was 80 degrees that we had to sleep with a vent. But it was worth it! Conversations with the grandparents, cousins (that we rarely saw/talked to), eating out Mariscos, tacos, ordering/cooking food for the 30 + members and going to work with grandpa was so much fun. Even the going to bed after 12am and waking up the latest at 6pm. I am not a morning person, but I didn't complain a bit. 

Christmas must have felt different a little since the weather was off. There was no snow, christmas tree and not a lot of presents. But we are reminded that Christmas is about remembering that one day our Lord and Savior was born through a miracle that only God could perform. This humble king would grow up to one day sacrifice His life on a cross for sinners, rise again on the third day, and then return to His Father's side with power and glory.

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