Change, It Starts with Me

About 3 months ago I had this crazy idea. I don’t know how or why but I decided to not waste any of the precious time that I’ve been given and just give. I guess it had something to do with a devotional or a sermon I heard about giving. 

At that time I was in between jobs and a struggling writer, which meant I couldn’t help anyone financially, so I went with the next best thing: TIME.

For the past 3 months I’ve been tutoring for free. (Although some moms have been gracious and have given me an offering. Thank you.) Its been a blast to teach and help these kids. They are smart and they teach me more, I think, than what I teach them. It is very rewarding to see how their faces light up when the finally get it and get the answers right.

Two weeks ago I came across this new and funny show called Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. Apart from being funny, having a good cast, and the writing being different from other comedy shows, there is something about the story that caught my attention. Kevin, the main character, goes on this journey and mission to help others. Against his will, I might add, but he goes and does it. (You have to watch it! Really. Go! Well after you finish reading this blog).

Anyways, he realizes he can’t escape this mission so he goes all out and makes flyers to let everyone know he is available to help “(as long its not dirty)”

What were people’s reactions? Well, they thought he was crazy!

It’s a show, so the writers might have chosen to make Kevin look like a weirdo and it’s all part of the show, (that was my first thought). But strangely I came across with this other video a few days ago where this guy offers to help strangers.

This time, people’s reactions were real and pretty much the same. Some where rude, others were polite but rejected the help. Then again others were hesitant but at the end they accepted the help.

For whatever reason, they didn’t accept the help. I can’t judge them. We’ve lost hope in humanity. We usually criticize and judge at first glance. There is so much evil in the world that we no longer know if the help offered is genuine. And in todays time nobody does anything for free!! 

We don’t even accept the help offered by God.

The hard truth is that we have done that. We forget that WE are part of the equation. WE are part of the problem or the solution. WE is simply ME.

You want to change the world, then start with changing YOURSELF. Social Misfit Club puts it simply in one of their songs: "I really wanna change the world but what's the point if I can't reach myself" If we want the world to change it has to start with ME  

This week I want to encourage you, dare you, or challenge you to do one act of kindness per day. Help someone for free. If you don’t know where to start, then start with someone you know.

It's the time of giving.  

BE KIND. Remember, LOVE is a VERB not a feeling. Lets act. May our words become actions.