Thankful for

In the midst of the holiday season, I've been meditating how God has blessed me this year. Many might be thankful for monetary reasons, for a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or a child. I was thinking of that yesterday and none of them are in my list. The devil wanted to bring sadness, but I was quick to switch the channel.

Then I saw a notification that I had a comment on Facebook and I opened it to read it. I shouldn't have done it. See, it was from one of my mom's cousins who got in the middle of a conversation of me and some second cousins and made unnecessary comments about me. 

She was calling me a "ruca" (old lady) and making fun that I had no husband nor children. 

I won't lie, I wanted to cry. My mom got really mad when I told my family. But then we realized what the devil wanted to do. He wanted me to be ashamed and maybe bitter. But why should I? Then we thought of who the comment was coming from. My aunt has three kids from different dad's and living with a man half her age and she has always felt miserable. 

You see, the devil wants to take us away from being thankful and especially during this time of year. He uses people who are far from God and it hurts worse when it comes from a family member. There might be some prayers that God might have not answered yet in your life, but I bet if you made a list of God's blessings, you would fall short. 

God does says in Psalms 37: 4 

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
— The Bible

He doesn't say when, but He sure isn't a liar. So take out a pen and start thinking of all the things God has done to you in this month, year, your entire life. There's sure a lot to thank Him for. 

I am thankful for: my salvation, my family, my Coco (my dog), my family in Mexico, my church family, my job, my students, for saving my sister from that awful car accident and her recovery, for helping me keep waiting for my future husband.....and the list goes on and on. 


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