Roommates, you can either get lucky or not so lucky. They are sometimes chosen for you or you are left to pick on your own. 

When I transferred to DBU, my sister Sarai was on the verge of starting her freshman year. As a transfer student, I could or should have gone and gotten an apartment. My sister, on the other hand, had to stay in a dorm. I wasn't really familiarized with the whole apartment life and thought that just maybe it would be easier to roommate with my sister, because of money reasons. 

There where a lot of people that looked at us weird. We were always together. We walked to the cafeteria, chapel or classes together. They wondered why we were sisters and roommates at the same time. They asked if we ever got tired of always being together. 

You see, they didn't know our story. We were never closed to each other. We are quite different, you know. I am the introvert and she is the extrovert. (We were, now we are kind of both). I have always considered myself way more mature beyond my age (since I was a little kid). We are only 2 1/2 years apart, but I tend to be more relaxed and like to have fun and joke. But one thing that both of my sisters hate me saying is; "there is always time for everything". 

I was the "angel" one, that never brakes a plate and she, well, she was the one always getting in trouble. She thought I was the favorite one. So I guess, you can say we didn't love each other. We didn't hate each other, but we weren't close. 

It wasn't until we became roommates. It was actually my idea. I told her it will be better for financial reasons, and we rather be together than ending with a girl who we would make us think that we should have gone with our instincts. 

This is when we became inseparable. We learned a lot about each other. We helped each other. She even became my nurse at school when I got Bell's palsy. I have learned a lot from her and hope she has too. I got lucky with this roommate =).