I Love You with Half of My Heart

I was born in the USA to two amazing parents who were born in Mexico, and even though that doesn't automatically give me my Mexican citizenship (crazy, right? I know), I always tell people (with pride) that I'm Mexican-American. I am a proud American and I can never deny my Mexican  roots and culture.  

I cry when I hear both national anthems. I love Mexican food as much as I love Southern food (specially the sweet-tea & steak) and American food. And when America hurts I hurt. When Mexico hurts, I hurt too. 

Lately, things that can not be explained have hurt both countries that I call home. Two days before the earthquake hit Mexico, my sister and I had just done a photoshoot to celebrate Mexico's Independence. Weeks have passed by and the need is still too big and I believe it will take a lot of resources and time to get the people back on their feet.

There are many ways to help out and the best way to do it is by donating to the following earthquake relief fund:

Actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna have started their own fund called Omaze

The entire world is hurting in one way or another and it is time that we unite to do more good.

Many people feel pity but very few feel compassion, for it is compassion that drives you to act.