Big Night

Tonight is a BIG NIGHT for Television & Film. Its a night where the STARS come out to SHINE in their fitted & fancy tuxedos and their beautiful dresses. A red carpet is put beneath their feet and the world is watching them while bright lights flash before them. ITS THE 74th GOLDEN GLOBES!

Did I mention its a big night?! It's where talented and hard working people get praised and where their work has been noticed & liked so much that they receive a nomination on one of the most important award ceremonies, and win for the BEST in their category. 

I've made my predictions, in fact, every year I make my list and watch the awards to see how close I came. But my predictions are very different from my wishes. Like any TV and Film lover I have favorites and I am afraid that tomorrow my favorite might not win. So here are my FAVORITE and who I hope win:

Best Picture, Drama -  Hacksaw Ridge I saw this film a few weeks ago and I usually tear up inside when I see a film, but there has been only two films I've cried non-stop. The first one was The Passion of the Christ - oh and look at that, Hacksaw Ridge was directed by the same person! I came out of the theater speechless and tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm glad the exit doors where close by and it was a matinee movie because I couldn't see where I was going because the tears wouldn't stop falling. I got to my car and the tears didn't stop. For the rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking of the big heart and sacrifice that Desmond Doss had and who gave everything for this country. If you haven't seen it, you must!

Best Picture, Musical or Comedy - La La Land if it doesn't win then I don't know what went down in the room where the ballots were made.

Best Actor, Drama - Andrew Garfield in Hackshaw Ridge I think that what makes a great film is how believable the actors make it to be. If they can make you feel, see, hear, smell and live what they are acting out, then I think they've done their job.

Best Actress, Drama - Natalie Portman in Jackie was an excellent performance. 

Best Actor, Comedy - Ryan Gosling in La La Land well, besides that he's gorgeous - that's reason enough, right?

Best Actress, Comedy - Emma Stone although anything that Meryl Streep does is wonderful

Let me skip to Television now...

Best Series, Drama - The Crown I saw this show with my family and it was just an amazing production. The hair/makeup/wardrobe was incredible, and the places that it was filmed really took us there to that time of year. The writing was phenomenal and don't get me started with the cast. They were impressive and extraordinary. It had us hooked with the first episode we couldn't stop watching. I know This Is Us has been a favorite here in the states but I believe and I hope The Crown takes the win. 

Best Actress, Drama Series - Claire Foy That being said, I think Claire did a marvelous job by taking this big role, The Queen of England and doing a breathtaking and remarkable job.

Best Supporting Actress Series - I do hope one of the two This Is Us ladies takes the win - Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz are sensational in this show. 

I know I skipped a lot and didn't mention some categories like Best Supporting Actor, Series -(which I do hope, John Lithgow, from The Crown, wins) or Best Director or Original Score. Its a long list and many fabulous and well deserved people in each category. I don't want to take your time, in case you don't have your list ready, you still have time! 

Tonight take the popcorn out, maybe some fast food or if you want to do it classy then dress up and make some fancy dishes and see how close your predictions are and share them with us! 


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