My youngest sister and I have a blast when she’s home from college. We like to be silly and not take things too seriously. When we are sent to run errands, there is usually a run to Wal-Mart. When we enter the store we enter through the EXIT doors and we call ourselves “Rebels”.

                                    Rebel (noun)

1.     A person who rises in opposition

Anyone who goes against or stands against something or someone seemed to be my understanding or definition of a rebel. We usually link this kind of label with someone who breaks the law and does harm to others. But I have come to understand that at times that is not the case.

We see it in movies, like The Hunger Games, where a Rebellion was started to oppose an evil leader and to gain freedom for themselves and others. They stood up and went against the waves, against the normal.

As a Christian, I see myself as a rebel. Everyday I am faced with a new normal, new idea, new believes that go against what God has designed for humanity. But, that is nothing new.

We’ve learned from Noah, who stood alone and honored God with his life while the entire world would indulge in their wicked desires, and although called crazy, Noah followed God in obedience.

We see Joseph who was sold, beaten, put in jail, and called a liar and many other things, because he chose to not go along with his brother’s doings and not giving into sin.

And we see David, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who decided not to eat what everyone else ate or bow down to an image even if it meant their death.

And the greatest example of them all is Jesus, Himself, going not only against the world around Him who wanted to live in sin but to the world of religious people who lived for themselves.

So if you must be a rebel, be a rebel that stands for what is right, even if that means to stand alone. And the kind of right that is not labeled by any human, but what God says is right, because even humanity has changed the meaning of right and wrong.