As I get closer to turning 30 years old, which I am not that far from, (yikes), I feel that it is harder to dress up modestly. Fashion trends can be so addictive, that you can get to a point that you forget that you might just be showing too much skin. 

  I have been ridiculosized for dressing up modestly and by others for not dressing modestly enough and therefore I have been called #abnormal

  You see, dressing modestly can be defined differently by many. Some belief that they should cover their hair and not show more than their hands and feet. Others belief that dressing modestly is wearing skirts and blouses. I don't judge any of those beliefs. I actually love both! 

  I personally was raised wearing skirts/dresses for church and jeans on the weekdays. But we believe that we shouldn't wear clothes that reveal cleavage or anything above the knees. 

  When I was a teenager, I would hear different singers talk during their concerts about why they dressed modestly and they would encourage everyone to do so too. But as soon as they got older, like over 30, or they got married, they changed to revealing a little more. 

  My fear has always been that I will change my way of thinking. That all of a sudden, I would want to start showing more skin, because I am still single and "I want someone to notice me". Or maybe change when I get married, because my husband wants me to dress more provocative. Fashion trends are so appealing to the eye and we start wanting to dress like everyone else. What is so common now is to see girls, and even women, wearing ripped jeans, leggings, jeggings, short shorts, mini skirts, low cut shirts and even swimsuits. 

  But then I stop and ask myself, why should I dress modestly? My first response should be, to honor God. We are His children and we should behave and act as one. Secondly, I should dress modestly to honor my future husband. Third, I should do it to protect my brothers in Christ, who would one day be someones husband. 

  When I was in college, I remember that they told all of the girls to be careful how we dressed. The guys at school were having trouble focusing in class, and even during chapel. Some guys even said that some girls were just like snakes changing their skin when wearing leggings. They also said that girls should wear cover ups when going to the swimming pool. Which I feel that they were still going to wear swimsuits and reveal their bodies, but that is another blog post to talk about later. 

  A lot of girls were not happy, but the guys were right. We need to be careful in how we dress. We should dress in a way that we are not tempting anyone. 

  I know that it is hard to find clothes that are so trendy and is hard to be different from the world. I don't say that I do not struggle. There are years that it gets really hot in Texas that I want to wear shorts, but then I do not feel comfortable later once I seat down and the shorts move up. 

  So how do we know if we are wearing something that does not honor our Lord? Luckily, I live with my parents and they are never afraid to let me know when I am wrong and that also counts in dressing wrongly. So find yourself a godly person who is not afraid to let you know if you are dressing immodest. Also, pray abut it. The Holy Spirit will let you know making you feel uncomfortable.

Lately, I have seen a group of girls, in the news, who have decided to dress modestly. They dress modestly, because they understand that they are not an object to be showcased for the pleasure of men. And have you seen how they dress? They dress fashionably modestly. 


Photo by: Photostock