For the past three weeks I've been on set in two different independent films. It has been a wonderful learning experience filled with challenges, but nevertheless it has been a great experience. I have learned more than what I learned in film school. Don't get me wrong, film school was wonderful. I learned things I didn't know; I was inspired by my peers and professors. Film school gave me the confidence to step into a indie film. It allowed me to grow and ask questions, and I also met wonderful people, who I call friends. We made great memories that will last a lifetime. But theory and practice are two different things, and the real world is very different from school. 

I was nervous at first. I showed up to set, not knowing anyone. Everyone else had worked with each other in other projects. But some of the crew people started to introduce themselves and offer any guidance or to answer any of my questions, which helped me to breath a little.

It was fast pase and long hours. We started our day at 5:30PM and ended our day at 7AM. It was hard the first two days to work all night, but after that, my body started to adjust and I was able to change my sleeping pattern. We kept each other awake with very delicious snacks and enough caffeine to last us all day. 

I can't talk much about the actual film, but the cast and crew were amazing to work with. We shared funny moments, personal stories, and historical stories, including a few life lessons. The story is amazing, based in the year of 1958. It was incredible to see how the art department transformed the streets, the gym, the houses and every location where they filmed. The cars were the coolest thing to see. The makeup and wardrobe department did an amazing job. Everyone did a magnificent work that I felt I was in that year and wished I had been. 

The days went by and the more I learned the more I knew that I was in the career I wanted to be. "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life", I thought. It's incredible the power a film can have. People go to the theaters to watch movies because its a place where they can escape from their reality, from their problems. Its a place where they can laugh, dream, and be inspired. "With great power comes great responsibility". I want to inspire others and I believe that we can all inspire others doing what we love and are passionate about. 

So go out there and do what you love. If its fashion, food, travel, poetry, music...Whatever it is, go and do it! But may your motive be to inspire others. We were placed in this world, by God, to help others. Don't waste time.