Finding My Roots

  Celebrating Mexico's independence this weekend makes me feel nostalgic. It has been a couple of years since I have seen my grandparents due to how dangerous it is to travel to some areas in Mexico. But the love that I have towards the nation travels through my veins and everyone is always in my thoughts. 

  I am a Mexican-American born from two immigrants. I was raised in Mexico for the first five years of my life, while my parents where preaching the gospel at some rural areas as missionaries and church planters.

  I love America, but I have always felt the same love towards Mexico. I think I am more Mexican than those who where born there. I get offended when someone talks about Mexicans' or Mexico just like I get offended when someone does the same towards Americans. 

  I was raised with the Mexican culture (and the Bible) and I see how it is important to not be ashamed from where you come from. Embrace it! It is so beautiful to continue your traditions and to not bury them just because you live in the U.S. 

  As a teacher, I like to remind my students' and show them the importance of not being ashamed of their roots and to carry their culture with pride. 

  If you have lost yourself, I urge you to go back and find your roots. Our DNA screams out from where we come from and believe me, it is a beautiful thing! 


Dress: I bought it on sale for $17 at Dillard's | Jolt textured dress buy here

Shoes: Steve Madden; I bought these shoes last year at Ross 

Flower paper crown: I really enjoyed doing this crown!