Zakai Classroom Decor

     I am so happy I finally made some time to make this blog post. I have been very busy since the 3rd of of July. From making decorations to decorating during the summer break several times (without the A/C on) and the not ever ending store trips (since I am not really good at making good estimates). 

   When I said I made some time it is because I am literally typing this right before bed time, trying not to fall asleep. 

   This is my 4th year teaching and I had a so what Paris theme. It was mainly black, brown, burlap and a little red. The problem arrived at the end of last school year when my twig baskets where broken, wallpaper boarders ripped and then I stumbled with Target's dollar spot folders and was inspired. 

   I had gone to check the dollar spot at Target to buy pencils and erasers for incentives when I saw this beautiful flower file folders. I went home without purchasing those folders since it didn't go well with my Paris theme. While at home, ideas kept filling my mind and knew that I had to go back and buy not only those folders, but everything I had seen at the dollar spot that contain blush. 

   During Mother's day, my mom, sisters' and I had done paper flowers for the photo booth and I was definitely making some for my room. I really enjoyed making paper flowers! 

The fabric and peony frame are from Hobby Lobby. My name frame and the letter A where bought three years ago at Hobby Lobby as well. Folders, tray and crate are from Target. 

The glass containers, flowers and everything inside are from the dollar section in Target. 

I loved this idea about the "you got mail" crate found in Instagram. I am still waiting for the kids to memorize everyones names and begin passing papers without telling them. 

Baskets can be found at the Dollar General and quotes at Etsy. 

Exit ticket, no name and grades section. 

Bookshelves from Target and watercolor pictures from Etsy. 

Everyone who comes into my room, adults and kids, love this chalkboard wall. Pillows are from Target.