No Limits

There has been sleepless nights, tears of happiness, excitement and joy, since the day the Olympics started. I can only imagine what the athletes and their families are feeling and going through, since I am over here loosing it. 

The second thing that I love more about sports, besides World Cup year, is the Olympics. It's when the world comes together and enjoys a safe and friendly match to demonstrate who is best in the world. 

I wasn't sure what to write about the Rio Olympics, since there is so much to write about. For instance I could write about a specific individual, which story is inspiring, or the family of so and so athlete who has been watched during the tournaments and the world has fallen in love with their passion and of course their reactions. Or maybe how world records have been beaten. But I couldn't just pick one and then again you probably read so much about each and every incredible story. Instead, I want to encourage you, the same way I've been encouraged by unbelievable athletes...

Hard work. Dedication. Time. Discipline. These are a few words that many have said about the athletes who have conquered and received a Gold Medal. There are tears, sweat, blood and sacrifice that also takes a person to achieve greatness. 

I've always heard that the "sky is the limit", that "you can do anything", of course, not neglecting the things that I said before. Don't expect anything without putting in the work. But there is one thing many people seem to forget or not know. As Christians we believe that what is impossible for God is possible. So no matter how big the mountain can be, or how crazy the dream seems to be, is nothing compare to what God has in store for you. 

Lately, I've been loosing faith and hope, thinking my dream is crazy. But I start to recall on something that I heard a while ago, "Want to make God laugh, tell Him your dreams". I think that God laughs at our dreams not because they are stupid, but because we dream too small. 

After watching and hearing the amazing and incredible stories of how some athletes fought against everything, even escaping home and swimming ashore for her family, others and her freedom, I realized that I am blessed. That I have no excuse. And that I can achieve anything if I work hard, have discipline, putting the time, have dedication, sacrifice (if I have to), and continue fighting through the tears, sweat and blood, and if I don't forget the most important thing, putting God in first place. 

Xx - SA