A Love Story Like No Other

For the past twenty-five years of my life I have seen and read many love stories, but like the one I am about to tell you about, is so unique and beautiful, it will leave you speechless: A Love That Overcomes All Obstacles...

On the year of 1985, Rafael was thirty-two years old, and he finds himself called to do missionary work in Mexico, to a town that nobody had ever had the courage to take the Gospel. Why is that, you ask? It was high in the mountains, where there was no electricity, water/gas, roads, and the people were very protective and jealous about their families and religion. 

When he arrived he decided to leave the next day. He didn't receive the welcoming that he was hoping. He wasn't expecting a big party, but he never thought he would be received the way that he was. There was a crowd of men standing with their machetes. With a lot of prayer, work and not giving up, a group of people came to Christ and a church was planted. Rafael became their pastor. He became more than just their pastor, he was their friend and their teacher. Most of the people did not know how to read or write, so he dedicated the afternoons to teach them. 

After sometime had past by, he then decided to seek fellowship with the churches in the other towns. One day, he was invited to preach at a church near by, about an hour. A young woman, called Georgia, of twenty-five years of age, had arrived to the temple, with her grandma, and saw a white car parked, with Texas plates. She went inside, and sat in the second bench. She would usually sit in the first bench, but this time there was a man sitting in the first bench. She only saw the back of his head when she started to have a weird feeling, which she did not know how to explain at the time, but now, what she describes is what we know as butterflies in the stomach. She shakes the feeling off and soon she finds out who this man was. He was introduced as the new preacher of Ojo de Aqua, from Texas. 

After the service, while the other single girls stayed around to meet this new single, young preacher, she decided to go home. The young preacher finds his way to her, shaking her hand, for a moment, before she takes off to her grandmothers house. They only had three encounters and although love at first sight is not what they believe happened, their love for each other began that first night they shook hands.  

In her twenty-five years, she had only had one relationship, which was mostly through letters. She had seen how many girls, her age, had made mistakes in choosing their spouse, and she did not want to make the same mistake, so she made a prayer. She asked God that in order for her not to make the wrong choice, to send her future husband to the front door of her home and for him to directly ask her to marry him. 

After three months of meeting each other, the young preacher felt she was the answer to his prayers. He decided to head down the mountain, to her home, which was located towards the end of the town. His prayer that morning was "God, if she's the one, may she be outside the door." When his car came close to the house, to his big surprise, she was standing right outside the door. That morning, her cousin, who usually was the one cleaning the outside of the house, was sick, and she was told to not to clean the inside of the house, but instead to clean the outside, in place of her cousin.

The young pastor got off the car and without saying anything else, he said, "Can I speak with you?" And she said, "I know why you are here?" "You do? Well, will you marry me?" Her simple reply was "Yes". Today, she explains, "I knew why he was there. By that day, God had already worked in my heart". 

Everything seemed going well, the wedding preparations, the families where happy and they had traveled to meet her family. The wedding was going to take place in three months. But, right when everything seemed to be going well, their world turned upside down.

A minister and an aunt of Georgia began spreading false stories. They were saying that Rafael had two sons with his previous relationship. These lies found their way to Georgia's parents, who did not take it so well. They didn't do anything to investigate if the stories were true or not. 

In their defense, they believed what the minister was saying, because he wouldn't lie, right? Well, he did and caused many problems. After finding this out, the parents sent Georgia to Monterrey, with some relatives. When Rafael found out that his soon to be wife was sent away, expecting that he would call off the wedding, he went looking for her.

The moment that he got there he asked, "What happened?" She simply replied, "On the 4th of July, I will be there, to get married." With that, he went back, peacefully, waiting for the day to arrive. 

Afte a month had gone by, Georgia went back home, but to her surprise her parents told her "there will be no wedding". They cancelled everything. A week later they kicked her out. She went to live with some relatives, waiting for the wedding date to arrive.

On the 4th of July of 1987, Georgia and Rafael got married. There was a big crowd, with friends, his family, both towns. The only absent were Georgia's family, including her parents. 

This lovely story does not end there. Fast forward a few years, you will see two human beings who have faced everything, and have fought back with their knees on the floor, praying daily and seeking God. They have three daughters, and I am one of them. 

Their story is about facing the unforgivable, but turning around and forgiving. Because you see, when Georgia was abandon on the most important day of her life by the most precious people in her life, and lies were spread around to hinder both of their testimonies and lives, Georgia and Rafael came back, a week later after their marriage, to see the family. That is what forgiveness is all about. 

I ask my mother, "why do you think God let you go through this?" She simply replies, "Because I wouldn't have survived all the heartbreak, problems, circumstances that comes with serving God in the ministry. So God had to close the door of my house, so that when things got hard, I wouldn't have anywhere to run to, but to Him". 

There is more to this story, but it would take an entire book to write about it! But I wanted to share it, because this week they celebrated their 29th year of marriage. My only prayer is that their story may inspire others, just like it has inspired me. 

P.S. My parents and grandparents relationship has grown, and they are closer than ever. That is what God's love does in any relationship, He restores and brings forgiveness and unity.

Xx - SA