July 4th + Magnolia

I hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July festivities. I was really busy buying and working on my classroom decorations, (blog post to come), that I totally forgot about planing for the fourth of July outfits. But as always, Ross saved the day. 

I found this blue, white and red simple dress for only $10. This was my church outfit that I wore to celebrate 4th of July. 

On my way to pay for the dress, I spotted this cute shorts, that turned out to also be just $10.  I really like the colors, (they were perfect for this weekend), and the print, but I also like them because they are long. 

While I was in line, ready to pay, I glimpsed real quick at the jewelry section and immediately saw this beautiful hand crafted necklace for $24.99. This perfect necklace went well with the shorts.

It almost seemed that God was helping me with this outfit ;) I found all the three things in less than 10 minutes.

This outfit was just perfect to wear while I drove down Southeast Texas for a quick road trip with the familia. 

We visited some family friends and had a great time reminiscing and an awesome cookout. My sisters and I went to watch movies (we each watch something different) and then took a nap. We were so exhausted, since we had just slept for 2 hours, that we fell asleep and didn't get to watch the fireworks. I was really counting on watching them out in the country, since I bet it looks totally different than in the city. 

It was ok, we needed the sleep, since I had insisted on making a quick stop at Magnolia's, the next day. 

So now.....my experience at Magnolia's

I am a great fan of the Fixer Upper show, but mostly of the hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Yes, they have an extraordinary talent, but what really impresses me is how they bring each of their God given talents together and birth a charming house. They are an example of how a marriage should work and I hope my marriage can some day be like that. 

Magnolia's Market was one of many businesses that Joanna dreamed. (Watch Joanna's Testimony down below). She was able to make that dream happen with the help of her husband, who believed in her, and God, who she trusted. She is a walking example that you can have a crazy dream and if God has planted that seed, then God will make it flourish, at His perfect time. He can make that dream bigger than what you could have imagined. 

So I have learned the following four things from her & I plan to stick with them: 

  1. Dream Big
  2. Step out when God leads you to
  3. "Don't believe in the lies"
  4. "Fix your eyes in Jesus"
  5. "Walk in truth" 

"The Gathering Testimony: Joanna Gaines." YouTube. YouTube, 1 Apr. 2015. Web. 06 July 2016.


What captured my eyes during my short stop at Magnolia's Market.  




Photo Credit: Stock Photo