Mustard + Navy

This week, we had so much fun during our photoshoot, as well as collaborating with our friend Manuel Silvan. Looking back when he started his career as a makeup artist, fifteen years ago, Manuel shared with us that his interest for doing hair & makeup started with him seeing transformations. His biggest influence and who he admires the most is Kevyn Aucoin. Manuel's dream is to become a personal hairstylist and makeup artist for any Latina Celebrities. His love and passion for being a makeup artist is reflected in his face, as he himself is transformed into this energetic and excited artist. Manuel explains that in the moment he gets a feeling when he sees the transformation of a person, little by little. He describes the feeling "like butterflies, like love". He lets all forms of art guide his brushes as he chooses the background music according to a theme, or color of clothes or textures, but nature is what he is mostly moved and inspired by. 

Take a look at this weeks transformation and check out more on Manuel's website and/or Facebook page. And don't hesitate to give Manuel Silvan a call for a transformation, for a party or event.

Eyes: MAC Amber Lights  ,  MAC Sketch , MAC Rule

Lips: NYX Burgundy

Today's outfit takes me back to Mexico. I am reminded of the Mexican Huasteca fashion. The beautiful mix of colors: mustard and navy. The crochet blouse and the embroidery details of the skirt brings images of the hard working indigenous women. The beautiful work each artisan puts into each individual clothing piece, pouring out their passion.

Macy's INC International Concepts Women's Zitah Pumps (buy here)

Skirt and Top from A'GACI