Wrong Turn: Rerouting

My mom always tells my sister and I that we shouldn't trust the GPS, but instead we should learn the name of the streets and memorize how to get from one place to another. Its not because she has something against technology, but maybe because the GPS has lost us or taken us to the wrong places before. The reason I choose to use the GPS is because I can't trust my own decisions and memory. I either take a wrong turn or miss a turn. I am the worst with memorizing names. But I am not going to lie, I dislike seeing the screen and hearing the voice saying Rerouting, because even though the GPS is giving me the right route, I still have trouble listening and following the orders.

There has been plenty of times in my life that I've taken a wrong turn, I've taken the wrong job, or have chosen the wrong people to call friends, and so on. Decisions that really affect my life and others. We all have been there, and making bad decisions in our life that has affected our destiny that God has for us. I will admit, I wish I hadn't taken those wrong turns, because I ended up taking the longer route. 

There are times that we think we can take a shortcut and fast forward to our destination but the truth is that our bad decisions only lead us in the wrong direction, just like the Israelites in the dessert. It took them longer, and they spent years going in circles, when they were so close to the Promise Land.  

Our frustration, our lack of faith, and distrust drive us to that point of taking things into our hands. I've done that plenty of times, guilty as charge. But the worst thing we can do, is what I usually do when I have the GPS, is not listen and disobey. God might not give us the overview of the journey like Google Maps does, but He does give us clear instructions. It sounds absurd that I would mistrust the GPS after knowing that I can't trust in my memory, but even more absurd that I wouldn't trust God, who holds the universe in His hands and that knows the past, the present and the future. 

Next time, you seem to take things into your own hands and make a decision, try to listen and obey the first time, because in God's hands, we will sooner or later end up in the destiny He has for us. The only question is, are we going to prolongate the process?  

Xx - SA