Summer Binge-Watch: My Top 5

This summer, after you've done your traveling, gone on that so needed vacation, you've gone through your reading list, and finally, you feel like its time for your downtime before going back to work/school, I recommend you to sit back, with popcorn in hand, and enjoy a good TV series.

Every time people ask me for my favorite TV shows I give them the following list. Why? Well, let me list them and tell you why:

1. Chuck - Zachery Levi won my heart with his character Chuck Bartowski/(Charles Carmichael). The show takes you through this rollercoaster of emotions and makes you fall in love with Chuck. It's my to go show when I come home tired and just want to relax and laugh.

        Described as an Action/ Comedy/Drama, with a fantastic cast and great storyline. Each season just keeps you wanting more. You start the first episode and you won't stop watching, (then again, that's what binge-watching is all about). And when you finally get to the end of the final season, Season 5, you just have to go back and start it all over again!

      Chuck is about a computer geek who ends up downloading secrets of the government into his brain and two agents are given the duty to look after him. Basically, you have the geek, the beauty and the muscle man running around saving the world, and juggling life and his weird friends/co-workers and family, trying to keep them away from his other life.

     So, what are you waiting for?! Go and watch it! Currently on Netflix! (I am really hoping for another season or movie. Who knows, Veronica Mars got a movie, Gilmore Girls got a revival/mini-movies and Prison Break got another season. "It could happen!"

2. Gilmore Girls - I am not going to lie, I became a Gilmore Girls fan not long ago. In fact, it was right after I heard about the revival that I thought I should give it a try and watch it on Netflix. Back in the year of 2000, when it came out, I wanted to watch it, but I am the type of person who has to watch a show from the beginning. So I saw an episode, (don't know which one, but it was like on season 3), for about 30secs and I decided to watch Gilmore Girls later, when the series was over. I know, wrong decision, because it was so awesome! It's the type of TV show that you want to come home after a long day at work or school, and just eat fast food and relax. The life lessons, the funny and fast dialogue, and the pop culture references, (which will give you the knowledge that you either missed in school or never got), they're all the reasons why Gilmore Girls was a hit and why it will come back for 4 mini-movies.

       Gilmore Girls is a Comedy/Drama TV show that all women, of all ages, will enjoy. Its the perfect TV show to watch on a girls night/sleepover. It's a story about a young-single mother and her daughter living in a small town, called Stars Hollow, Connecticut. It sounds like a simple storyline but its far from that. I usually tell people, the following plot: Its about a daughter being the adult and the mother trying to figure out life, with an entire town people butting in, which are all interesting and unique characters. You will fall in love with their mother-daughter relationship and all the sarcasm of Lorelai, the mother. 

3. Castle - I was in my second year in college when my professor told me about the show his entire family would watch. He gave us a little summary about the show and I went home and started watching the reruns on TNT. Soon, I was all caught up and hooked.  

      Castle is a Drama/Comedy show with characters that develop throughout the seasons. You have your main characters, Richard Castle, the rich and famous writer and Kate Beckett, the beautiful and smart detective. Castle joins the NYPD as researcher for his new book, and annoys Beckett, while Beckett is Castle's new muse. Being a mystery writer, Castle becomes a very important asset to closing many cases for the NYPD, although the team doesn't want to admit it.  

      Recently, they announced that Castle will not be coming back for a another season, which it has taken me a long time to process. (I still haven't seen the last two episodes). But, I think that they did an amazing job for 8 Seasons. As a fan, I wanted more, but as a filmmaker, I think that the characters were at a point where, as a writer, you want your characters to be at the end of the journey. They were well developed. Of course, I will be a fan, ALWAYS. And I will never get tired of watching the reruns.  

4. Prison Break - My sister introduced me to this show, right around the last season. It was so good, I went back and watched Seasons 1-3 and then 4. At the end of Season 4, I knew it wouldn't be over, even though they had said the show was not coming back, I knew it would. It took them about 7 years, but I was right. 

    This summer is the perfect time to catch up, if you haven't seen it yet, before Prison Break comes back. You have a show full of Drama, Action and Crime. It all started with a big conspiracy. A man gets sent to prison and has been sentenced to death row. His brother, who is the opposite of him, has a plan to get him out, but to do this he has to be on the inside. From the first episode you will be hooked and will want to continue watching till the end. 

5. Nikita - There are a few people that knew about this show, at least the people that I have told them about my top 5 shows, have seen 1 out of 5, and Nikita is the least of them. Anyways, I think is one of the few shows that has a strong female character as the main character. Nikita is on a mission to bring down the organization that saved her life to turned her into an assassin.

All 5 shows are not only my favorite shows, but they are the shows that I enjoy watching over and over again. Some make me laugh, entertain me, encourage me to think outside the box, to gain knowledge, to fight for those I love, and overall, they teach me lessons. Who knew TV shows could do that?! Matter of fact, is the reason why I became a filmmaker, to inspire others. 

To wrap this up, I just want to say that shows like these, are not made so often. In fact, most shows, today, are cancelled by season 1. So, I can say that these shows were great because they have 4 or more great seasons. If you don't believe me then you are gonna have to watch it yourself. 

Let me know what you think and of your top 5.

Xx - SA  

Photo Credit: Stock Snap