Notice The Little Things

Last week, I came home from work one afternoon, tired as ever. All I wanted was to kickback my shoes and lie down, which I did, but I also wanted to shut my eyes for a moment. But that did not happen, because my youngest sister was so energized and excited about a movie they had seen, without me, (I must point out). With great emotion, and without any spoilers, she explained how she had cried and how it left her speechless. That I must watch it, and she would even watch it again, with me. 

For those who do not know my baby sister, she is twenty years old, and it takes more than just good actors to make her cry or even to get her interested in a film. As tired as I was, I was more curious to see this film that had made my tough sister cry and had accomplished to bring a smile to her face, as well. 

I had previously seen the trailer of the film, and I had even planned to watch it at the theater, but for some reason, I missed it. I guess, if you believe in miracles, and God's timing, I could say, I saw the film right when I needed it the most. "Miracles From Heaven" had me crying from the beginning. Knowing that the film is based an a true story, it left a bigger impact. It inspired me, moved me and injected me with faith. 

The quote that stood out the most was the following: "Miracles are all around us". We rarely notice them, but they are there. The kind person who let you be first in the line at the grocery store, after seeing you with many stuff and your kids driving you crazy. The person who came to sit with you, at lunch time, instead of sitting with their buddies.  

Its the little things that sometimes we neglect to see,that are miracles in our lives. We complain and expect bigger things, but if we could only start to praise God in our hard times, maybe our eyes will see the small things, and prepare us for the bigger miracles. 

I've challenged myself to be someones miracle. I now want to challenge you. Look around, and see if anyone is in need of a miracle. 

Xx - SA