Me Before You: Life Lessons

Saturday morning my sisters and I got up and head out to the theater. Like the hopeless romantics that we are, we watched “Me Before You”. I read the book the moment I saw the trailer. As I read the book, I tried to be tough and get through it without a tear, but in the theater it was a total different story. That morning I knew I would regret not taking Kleenex...

I am a book lover, but I am also a filmmaker, and although I am tempted to write a movie review, on this post, I am focusing on the impact that the film had on my life. So, if you haven’t read the book or haven’t seen the film, then I would encourage to STOP reading this. SPOILERS AHEAD. But definitely come back and finish reading this post and feel free to leave a comment…

Me Before You”, is more than just a love story, more than a drama film, it’s a story that is meant to inspire. “Me Before You” definitely was entertaining, with a witty, lovely, funny character; it brought some comic relief to a sad story. But even though, at the end of the film, Will and Louisa didn’t live a happily ever after, I do believe that even with a bittersweet ending it was also a thought-provoking ending. 

There was a time when YOLO was a big trend, almost a movement that was going on. I think “Me Before You” message was to show how important it is to have a You Only Live Once mentality. To live boldly, to live life to the best of your ability, to live without fear, to see the world and try new things, and do what you’ve always dream of doing.

The beauty of Will and Louisa’s relationship was undeniable. At the end of the story, they both changed each other. To see how a person can have an impact on someones life, also motivated me. As much as Louisa wanted to change Will’s life, which she did, Will had a bigger impact on Louisa. 

I think we can all learn a lesson here. Not only do we have to live a life that is worth living but we can also inspire and help others.

So, I challenge you to take out your bucket list, or make one, if you haven’t yet, and start doing something adventures or that can have a big impact on someone.

“Live boldly. Push yourself. Don't settle.” – Will Traynor