More Than Just a Shark Film

In honor of Shark Week, we thought it would be perfect to go see The Shallows. I will admit that I am not a big fan of sharks, but I am a fan of shark movies and of course of Blake Lively. 

What I enjoy the most of watching films, is watching them with my family, because my parents and sisters always have something to say. (They accuse me of talking during movies, but they are the ones to blame when we have to watch the film for the second time). But in this case, no comments were allowed, since we were in the theater, (although that didn't stop my dad), but the ride home was definitely full of energy and conversations. 

It was a crazy ride back home. Everyone was shocked, excited, and full of adrenaline, like if it was them who was fighting the shark. But the most interesting thing was the different lessons that every family member took from the film. The conversation got deeper and deeper. (No pun intended). Of course we started off talking about the acting and Blake Lively's Spanish, (which was both great!) and the cinematography, the beautiful location where it was filmed, (and we do think the bird was hilarious), but what we admire more was that this film was not just another shark,  thriller film. It was more than that. It did more than just entertained us, it inspired us.

It scared our butts off, although my family will never admit it. 

It scared our butts off, although my family will never admit it. 

The Shallows message was about having will to live, of never giving up, a message of strength, intelligence, and fighting to the end. It's about a young woman, Nancy, who teaches us a big lesson. (SPOILERS AHEAD):

The Shallows, introduces a young woman, Nancy, who is in a journey in a beautiful place in Mexico. We soon understand that she is trying to escape her reality. She is trying to run away from her future, her life, and her family. A tragic event in her life has motivated her to quit med school and travel around the world in attempt to find herself, which it could cost her more, her own life. Nancy finds herself on the beach, with no one to help and a shark who will do whatever it takes to win. 

The following are lessons that I have learned and have inspired me after watching this film:

  1. Keep Trying - Attempt, after attempt to survive, this film shows us that we must continue to try, even after we have fallen, we must get up and try again. Nancy was wounded and she could have not tried to escape to a safe place. Then after she realized that it wasn't so safe, she could have given up, but instead she looked for a different route out. She never gave up and used her knowledge to survive.
  2. Acquire Knowledge - My parents tell me all the time, "you must be prepare with the basic stuff". Survival skills were important for Nancy, and being a med student really helped her. But knowing a little of everything can come handy someday. So whatever you do, please take sometime to read. Earlier in a post, I talked about my Summer Reading List. If you haven't done your summer reading list, take time and do it. Read, read, read. That is a great way to learn things. 
  3. Never Give Up - That one got me. Seeing how Nancy never gave up. For a moment, I believe, she thought that was it, but only because she had a risky plan. And even then, she didn't give up. 

I applaud Blake Lively for her performance and the entire cast & crew, writers, director and producers, for a gut-wrenching thriller film, that left me, (ironically & shockingly) inspired, at the end of the film. I never saw that coming. 

I have seen many films that have entertained me, but The Shallows left me thinking about my own fears, what I could be running from, what I am facing at this time, and has given me the courage to continue living, (not just live life, but really LIVE life), to fight back and never give up.

If you haven't seen this movie, what are you waiting for? The Shallows is waiting for you. 

Feel free to share your thoughts/life lessons from this film with us.

Xx - SA 

Photo Credit: Stocksnap