Depth Perception

Can you imagine our world without color? Or everything being the same color? Crazy right?! 

I took this picture long time ago, right when I was starting to learn how to use Photoshop. I started to play with it and don't ask me how, but I end it up with a purple building, trees, road, sky, etc. Being the artistic person that I am, I thought it was cool and left alone. I was working on a few other pictures. I ended up going out taking pictures of anything and then tried to make them look like a painting. 

As I sat in front of my screen and looked at this picture, I started to think, or like we like to say in Spanish, filosofando, philosophizing. (Not only do I believe I'm artistic but also a thinker.) I started to imagine a world without color. Then I thought how I really enjoy black & white movies, so maybe a world without color wouldn't be so bad, for me, personally. So then I started to think of a world that was all blue. But I thought about last night. I was looking at the sky, at the beautiful sunset, with a red-orange sky, which had a little purple and pink and surrounded by a  beautiful and big blue sky, and the sun right in the middle. It is unexplainable and I am not making it any justice by describing it. You should have seen it!  

This photo got me thinking about art. Then, from art about the world in black & white, to a world in one color, to standing outside admiring the sunset, to finally thinking how awesome the Creator of all art, beauty, & the world, has given us the gift to admire and live in a extraordinary world full of life and color, to say the least. 

If you find yourself stressed out, overwhelmed or even uninspired, go outside and disconnect yourself from the gadgets and noise, and breath the fresh air. Okay, maybe you are gonna have to get out of the city, if that is where you live. But if you can't breath fresh air, just look at the sky. I hear at night it can be as beautiful as in the day. (I really can't tell with so many lights.)

Let your mind relax and think about those things we take for granted and at times we go living life without really enjoying them or even knowing they exist. 

I hope that one photo or live image can be thought-provoking and hopefully change you like it did to me.

"A picture is worth a thousand words..." - Princess Diaries

Or a thousand thoughts....

Xx - SA