Juggling Life

In the previous post, Doing Life, I talked about my journey in how I am trying to live my purpose without fear. So in today's post I will talk about my my recent endeavors and how being bold and fearless can sometimes seem like you are on the edge... 

This past weekend I had the opportuinty to be on set for a commercial. I was over the roof with excitement. It was a one-day shoot but I learned so much and met amazing people. The crew and cast were wonderful to work with. Not only are they talented but great people. Everyone was excited to get to work and I believe the commercial will look amazing. (Stay tuned for the video). 

Freelance is the perfect way to make connections and start your career in this industry, but it also means that you only have a job depending on how long the shoot is. In this case, it was a one day shoot. Once the commercial, TV show, or film is over, you pretty much are jobless. That's were making connections and being a good-hard worked comes in hand. So in the meantime, while I wait for new opportunities, I am juggling a part-time job at a restaurant. 

I am still in the training period. I had never worked at a restaurant. Everything is new and everything is fast, but the hardest thing, (and I think many will agree), is working with customers. You want to make everyone happy, which is completely impossible. 

Days, like yesterday, when it seems you are doing everything wrong and you can't please people, is when you question if the job you are at, if its worth it. Especially since it is not your dream job. 

When I went to college I had the idea that after graduation I would be doing what I love. That I would get the job that I love. I mean, wasn't that why we went to college? So what do you do? What do you do when you apply everywhere and the experience and education that you have is not enough? Well, you can do what I did. You keep trying. You keep moving. You do what you have to do to pay bills, even if that means get a part-time job.  

I've been at the top of a mountain and building. Being there gives you this feeling of determination. It also feeds your adrenaline. It makes you feel fearless and bold, but being up there, on the edge, can also make you feel like one bad move and your life is over.  

That is how I've been feeling when it comes to making a decision in my career. Do I take this job? Or should I take that one? Should I just wing it and move to another city or state? Should I change careers? Should I take a different route and put my dreams on hold? 

You might be asking the same questions that I have. You might feel overwhelmed with wanting to get the dream job but nothing is available, and what is available is not the best job but it pays the bills. 

I don't have the answers. And I won't sit here saying that you should do this or that because I, myself, am struggling in walking on this journey, called life. But I want to encourage you, to keep moving forward and keep believing.  Although it is hard, the worst thing you can do is to give up. 

Xx - SA  


...I’m at the edge of my life. I got no time to think twice when I’m standing with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’m gonna fight the good fight cause I, I know I’ll get by, when I battle every day through the pain like a soldier...
— Manafest

Photo Credit: Stocksnap.io