Doing Life

The future can be a scary thing, but the present can be too. 

Hi, my name is Sarai, I am 25 years old, I have a bachelors in Communications and two years ago I finished grad school. For the past two years I've been applying to jobs like crazy. I have lost count of the number of places I have applied, and been rejected, the number of interviews I have been to, the number of projects that have fail through. So, if you are in the same boat as me or might find yourself in the same boat as many college graduates, I want to say, you are not alone.

There are many friends of mine that are struggling to find a job, so much that they are either currently working on something totally different or are about to work in something completely different than the degree they got, including me. 

Finding myself in this situation, I figured out that I should do a few things:

  1. Face it and deal with it.
  2. Write about it. Maybe sharing it will help me and others.
  3. Find the silver lining and make the best of this situation.

Sometimes plans have to change. 

"The plan changed, but not your purpose."

After grad school, my plan was to work for a production company, maybe even a TV news channel. So far, I've only gotten jobs for small projects, like films, but they have fallen through, mostly because of money problems on their side. It happens all the time, projects fail because there are not enough funds. So I was working for a film marketing company, but I decided to leave, since it was only a part time job and I wasn't really learning anything. (Sometimes you have to make decisions like that, especially if you feel like you are not learning and you won't go nowhere). Decisions

I took time to think and I finally learned what my passions are:

  1. making inspiring films
  2. helping people
  3. food

With that in mind, I made a plan : I decided to work at a restaurant and learn the business side of it, continue to do side jobs, (like commercials, short films, etc), and hopefully, one day, once I've learned how to run a business and I have saved enough money, I will open my production company, and restaurant. 

It wasn't the original plan, but sometimes you have to be bold  & fearless, and make things happen.

"Make them work" - Tim Gun.  

 In the next few posts, I will continue to share my journey with you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I know it won't be easy, but there are a few things that motivate me and give me strength.

  1. God and my faith
  2. Family and friends
  3. Purpose

I have a purpose, I truly believe that, to make a difference in the world and help others. That is my focus, and my strength comes from God, faith, family and friends, (my pillars). 

I hope that these blog posts may inspire you, strengthen you, and maybe you can share with me your stories. 

Photo Credit: Lightstock