For the past month I've been playing Annette Moreno's music, to the point that I've annoyed my baby sister. What can I say, the lyrics are very poetic and thought-provoking. And well, I also enjoy the variety she has in her music.  

"Debajo del Agua" (Underwater) song has a few lines that make me stop and think...   

"...Es tiempo que aprendas : no son tus palabras, si no lo que tu aguantes debajo del agua..."

"It is time you learn: it is not your words, but how long you can endure underwater..." (Talk about deep words.) Sometimes we can find ourselves acting and talking too much, like we are brave, but like my mom says: "las palabras se las lleva el viento" (the words are taken by the wind). It is in the toughest situation that we show in reality how strong we are...

But my favorite line is this: 

"...en las buenas y en las malas tenemos que compartir la belleza que se encuentra solo aquí debajo del agua..."

"In good times & bad we have to share the beauty we find only here underwater..." Wow. I remember the times I've gone to the ocean that I always freakout when I try to go underwater. I'm so scared that I might not be able to breath or see clearly, that I end up, every time, getting out of the ocean and sitting in the sand for the rest of the day. Don't even try to convince me to try scuba diving. But you see, I am clearly missing out on the beauty that is underwater. 

 If you think about it, we sometimes can't see the beauty in our big mess, because we are so focused on the surfing aspect of life. God on the other hand, creates beauty from ashes, and gives life to dry bones! 

I think that we need to learn to take a look at what's underwater, all the beauty, the fishes in the sea and the beautiful plants, and colors, at least that's what I've seen on the Discovery channel. As much as it is scary to hold your breath underwater, if we could only focused on the beauty, we might be able to let go of the fear and anxiety that we have in the situation that we are in. 

Having a different perspective to our problems can help us find beauty in the mist of them.

Xx, SA 

Photo Credit: Lightstock