Gladiator Heels
Andrea: Gladiator heels (buy  here ) // Highway Jeans: Denim shirt // Petite Sophisticate: Black dress 

Andrea: Gladiator heels (buy here) // Highway Jeans: Denim shirt // Petite Sophisticate: Black dress 

Gladiator heels are back again for the summer 2016 trend and they are a must have for your summer shoe collection. You can easily pair them with an army dress, denim dress, or like I did, with a black dress and a denim shirt. Who doesn't have a black dress in their closet? I always try to never get rid of my black dress, it is a must have (even though I've had it for years), because it never goes out of style. You can use a black dress all year round. 

I remember buying these gladiator heels when I started trying to sell Andrea shoes, last year. Andrea shoes are from Mexico and they are a great brand which I have previously bought shoes from, in several occasions. I love their shoes! During my first two years of college, I not only would buy, but also sell them as well. I bought them for a little over $80 back in February of last year and to my surprise they are under $30 right now. Buy them before they run out!