Lets Face It

"It is what it is..."

I heard a sermon by Steven Furtick a while ago. These were his first words, "It is what it is". Sometimes you just have to face reality. Say out loud what you really are facing. So here we go...

In my mind I never thought I was a planner. I don't remember the day that changed, but now, I take out my calendar the moment planning is made. Whether is a vacation, or meeting a friend for coffee. I have become a person that has a to do list. I remember when I was spontaneous and adventurous not knowing what the days would be like. Just living in the moment. Now, I have to schedule a time to watch a movie with my sisters! Adult life has hit me hard. I wonder if my spontaneous and adventure days are completely over?  

I now have responsibilities, bills, and I have a future to think about. And I am nowhere closer to finding what I am suppose to be doing right now. I mean, I have a college degree and I guess I know what I want to do and I have all this passion for my career, but I don't seem to find a job. Or for a job to find me. At this moment I can relate to Rory Gilmore. Almost 30, back at home, and jobless. (If you haven't seen it yet, go and watch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life). 

The hardest part, is realizing that at the back of my mind I had a 10yr. plan. Unconsciously I think we all do. Just because we don't write it in a journal or diary doesn't mean it's not there. I am 4yrs away from coming to that dateline and I have not hit any of my goals, other than college.   

But Pastor Steven Furtick was not done with that phrase. "It is what it is, but its not what it seems". We are a generation that wants things instantly. We want to stream complete TV shows in a single day, with no commercials. We want everything today. Now. Pronto! 

Its just how we are wired now. Or maybe its how humanity has always been. I wondered if David ever got impatient after knowing he was going to be king? Or Joseph, who had vivid dreams of who he would become?

What I am trying to say is that things may look like a total mess, but we must hold on to this truth: God has been with us in the past, He is with us now, and He is in our future as well. Faith is basically believing the unseen. And although it all seems like nothing is going right or nothing is happening, there is an army of angels working under God's commands for your favor, for your purpose and dreams. 

Xx - SA

Photo Credit: StockSnap.io