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Four more days for my Christmas break! Hooray! I cannot wait! And no, I do not feel bad for counting down the days. A perk for being a teacher is having "vacations". Many people do not understand why we should have that many days off. I can't think of a more exhausting job than being a teacher. Do not get me wrong, I really enjoy being a teacher, but we really need breaks to be able to re-energize and come back ready to Rambo! 


I wish I could be like the Energizer battery, were you just go, go and go with out stopping. I always remind my friends that by the end of the day, teachers' feet, mouth and head hurt like crazy. Oh, and this is on a regular day. If you are doing a "magical lesson" than you are 4x more tired than a regular day. One of my former co-worker said it best and I could not agree more; "It's like you are performing six shows in one day."

So this teacher can't wait for her break! 

I am also really eager to be done since one of my favorite holidays is Christmas. Although we hardly get an inch of snow down here, I always imagine myself surrounded with lots of snow, where Christmas lights and carols, hot coco or coffee and tamales are even more delightful.

But even better days, are when I am able to celebrate Christmas with my "familia" in Mexico. Having fun with my little cousins (and cousins kids), hearing their laughter, listening to my grandparents stories, my uncles' and aunt's jokes, fireworks and lots of tamales, that's the best way to spend Christmas time. 


Our Christmas tradition, at home, is to watch all of Home Alone movies and of course, eat tamales. We stopped exchanging gifts long time ago, while we were still young. Weird? I know! The first reason was, because my parents couldn't afford to give us any of the big gifts. Second, because we always want the same thing all year round. My dad doesn't really care for gifts, my mom loves clothes, I do too, the middle sister loves books and the little one likes anything that has to do with sports or music. We pretty much buy each other all year long. So we (us kids) decided we would just go to the store each December, not necessarily on Christmas day and pick what we wanted and the parents and/or sisters would pay. However, we always unwrap tamales! lol

If we end up going to Mexico, we spend Christmas with over 30 people in our family. That is grandparents, uncles and aunts with their kids and grandkids and sometimes even my mom's cousins with their families. Our menu is a little different. We make "fajitas" on the 24th, play games, have fireworks and hit the "piñata". Than on the 25th, early in the morning all of the women, young and old, get together and make tamales for that night and the next morning. We make, pork, chicken, cheese with jalapeños, deer, and my all time favorite, "picadillo" (ground beef, with carrots, peas and sometimes potatoes). 

So what is your favorite family tradition during Christmas? 

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