"I'll be home for Christmas"

You all single ladies and gents know what that means. Aunt Betty, or in my case, Tia Maria SanJuanita de la Paz Benita de la Mancha Cruz, will ask those famous questions that we are all dreading to hear but mostly dreading to answer: "When will you get married?"

I know we are all looking forward to family, food, presents, piñata, candy, and all the good stuff so don't let the fear of facing those tough questions about your life, such as career or relationship stop you from enjoying this time of year. 

To make this time easier for you, (and for me), I will share with you a little of my life. I will share some of those past conversations that I've had over the years. I'm turning 26 soon, so that means that about 9 years, if not more, I've had to face those questions. I know your pain.

Keep in mind, the following conversation happened mostly in Spanish, which could sound less funny in English:

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Mija, you don't have a boyfriend?

Me: No tia. Not yet.

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Why not? Your cousin here does. And your cousin over there is already married. With two kids and one on its way. She's even younger than you. 

Me: Smiles politely. (Thinks in her head.) I thought only Nail Salons asked those questions

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Are you even thinking of having a boyfriend?

Me: Of course. But not now, I'm just 15. I have school to worry about and I'm too young for that.

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Didn't you just have your Quince? You're a young lady now! 

(3yrs later)

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": What about now?

Me: No tia. Not yet, but I'm about to go to college, ain't nobody got time for that!

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": You young girls and your crazy ideas. What do they call it, feminism? Feminist? 

(4yrs later)   

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Should I even ask? 

Me: I don't have a boyfriend, and yes I am thinking of getting married, but its not like I can go to the market and just buy one.

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Maybe you should do the asking. Be less old fashion. Isn't that the American way?

(Last Year)

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": So still no boyfriend ah? If you don't hurry up the train might just leave you. Or you're gonna be left of to dress saints. 

Me: If the train leaves me I'll take a private jet. 

Grandma: Don't listen to your tia. You work and work for yourself and your parents. So much school and sacrifice just so that you may look after a man someday? Nonsense. 

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Well, at least you got school. You got work?

Me: Ummm. Kind of.

Tia "Maria SanJuanita": Kind of? No good Mija. You find yourself a man and then you won't have to worry anymore. Marry rich.

Well, if it were that easy to find a job or a husband we wouldn't have the same conversation each year, would we? And then what fun would that be?! Hahaha.

I now don't avoid the conversations because I love to humor my family. Of course Tia "Maria SanJuanita" is not a real character but she represents just everyone who has asked or will ask the famous questions this Christmas time. She does exist in every family.

Share with us your stories. We would love to hear from you and your conversations with "Aunt Betty" or "Uncle Bob". Maybe he's a "Jose Filomeno Jiromeno de la Gracia Santa Catalina". Either way, we can't wait to hear from you!

My purpose in writing this, is to remind you about the whole purpose of this time of year. It is when we celebrate the birth of the One who gave us life and one day died to give us a chance to eternal life. All those other things, presents, a career, someone to love are secondary.  

Enjoy this time of year with family and friends. Don't let your current situation take away the joy and peace that He, Jesus Christ, gives. Whether you are single or married, divorced, jobless or at work most of the nights, enjoy with those you love.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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