It has begun. The shopping, the cooking, the prepping, the laughter and everything that comes with the festivities. Its that time of year, my favorite time, when the year is ending and all the good celebrations are close together: Thanksgiving, my Birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Year. I just LOVE it!

Apart from good food and presents I love this time of year because its when people come together. You get to see family and friends that you usually don't see often. The best part is sitting down around a bonfire and sharing old memories while making new ones. 

Its also a great time to reflect. During this time it is easy to be swept away with the different emotions that have been bottled up all year or to be distracted by all the presents and deals and lose sight of what really matters. You can get grumpy and start complaining by what is shared in social media: the engagements photos, the vacations photos to that place you've always planned to go, the weddings, and all the great things people seem to have, except you.

I am guilty of charge. I've compared my life to others, I've complained and gotten grumpy, once or twice this year...okay more than that. The worst part is that I've questioned my life choices. Yes, I've done that. Like the career I've chosen, the job that I have or the car that I drive. It sounds crazy, which it is, but I know that more than one person has done this and that is why I decided to write this post. To remind us about giving thanks for the little things each day. 

If you change the way you see things it will change your mood. Your perspective matters. Look at the bigger picture. You have things others don't have and wish to have. Things that are priceless, like health, family, and friends. The small apartment and car that you own. The 3 year old blouse that still fits. The old purse that it is now vintage. You see where I am going with this? 

Short and simple: give thanks for what you have. Those things that money can't buy are called blessings. Be thankful and put a smile on your face, for a smile can be contagious. And we all know that someone is always in need of some cheering up during the holidays. 

Xx - SA  

Photo credit: StockSnap.io