Brandon: “You’ve never gotten high before, not even once? Because of your religion?”
Raina: “Because I’m not an idiot.”
— Quantico, TVFanatic.com

I was born and raised in America by two Christian Mexican parents, and yes, my faith and culture play a big part in how I think, what I believe and how I live. I am the definition of OLD FASHIONED. 

As much as I enjoy technology and having the latest gadget, I prefer to have face to face communication, or enjoy a book that I can actually fill the pages in between my fingers and smell that book smell. It's more of the experience of going to my local bookstore, grab a coffee and enjoy the sun as I read. Instead of having a bright light glaring at me and having to scroll up. 

Call me OLD FASHIONED but I enjoy watching black and white movies. On movie nights with the family, you ask me to choose a movie and you know what I'll prefer. 

I like my coffee the old way, boiled water. I rather have it hot and not cold, (unless its super hot outside). I still buy CDs & DVDs. 

Call me old soul. I definitely think I'm OLD FASHIONED when it comes to dating. I don't date. Never have. I'm twenty-five and I have never been on a date. You see, I think that in order to get to know someone you don't necessarily have to go on dates. The best way to know someone is to see how they interact with people. Especially with those that know the person the best, the friends and family. You get to see their personality, their character, flaws, etc. Of course once you've come to know someone in a group setting than it's time for the men to ask the girl and not the other way around. 

I also think men should pursue a girl. Today we don't see many men not asking the girl, instead they flirt and try to give them some kind of signal. Well, guess what? You guessed right, I will never give a signal. There is a saying in Mexico that we use, "Si le gusta que le cueste". Simply meaning, if he is interested it will cost him. I guess the people in Mexico thought that Jacob (from the Bible) was a great man as he worked 14 years for the one he loved. I guess it shows a lot about his character.

And that's not all, I still live with my parents. You might ask me: "It's in the Bible?" Sure. "It's part of your culture?" That too. But am I not an idiot? That's for sure! Overall, I think that all three reasons shape my decisions. 

"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." (Ephesians 5:31) In Mexico that is still practiced. No matter the age. It doesn't mean you won't pay bills and have responsibilities, it just means that you live with the family until you start your own. And of course I'm not an idiot. I'm not gonna go and live by myself and have more bills, while I can be at home paying only part of the bills and still learn responsibilities, how to look after a home and others, and how to be a wife from the greatest example that I have: My Mother.

Now you see, I'm what is called Abnormal or simply OLD FASHIONED   

- SA