Floral Skirt

  Lately I had been in a survival mode in my life. I was so enthusiastic about this year, but one event had me rethinking my career choice. The past two weeks I have cried and wanted to throw the towel every day. I won't go into detail but you might know the feeling when someone is giving you a hard time that it drives you crazy. I tried many strategies. I tried working out through the obstacles and differences but there hasn't been any change. It sometimes feels like I am the only one feeling this way. And then I remembered that people that I know are in survival mode about this time of the year, but that didn't seemed to help me. 

  To make it even worse. I got injured at work. Dealing with different situations at work and having back pain, plus not being able to take medicine was almost the last straw. I almost gave up. 

  I kept telling myself, it is just one situation, the rest of my job is fine, you can do it! But I was focused on one single situation. 

  On Thursday, I was so ready to give up and I started packing some things that I just wasn't using and wanted for my room instead. I am not going to lie at all. It felt so good! I just wanted to take down everything, put it in my vehicle and leave. 

  I know there might be more days like this ahead, while I keep on trying to show how much I care about my job. But in the last 3 1/2 days that I've been off, I've been reminded of my purpose in life. I go with confidence knowing that God is on my side and He will give me the courage to continue and that I am there for a reason. 

  Philippians 4:13

Floral print has emerged into fall this season and I am crazy about it. Even though it doesn't feel like fall in Texas at all and I miss it.  I am in love with this pocket floral skirt and more because it is from one of my all time favorite brands. And it was on sale! 

You can add an olive, blush or a brick color blouse. I was just inspired from Carolina Herrera how she uses her white button blouses with a skirt. 

Shirt | Calvin Klein

Skirt |Eliza J